10 top insurance companies

10 top insurance companies

â–ºhttp://howtocomparecarinsurance.netâ—„http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr341zm8exi top 10 cars - cars insurance quick terms deductiblea deductible is the amount of money that a policyholder pays out of pocket so that theirinsurance company will pay their claim.deductibles are normally provided as clauses in an insurance policy that dictate how muchof an insurance-covered expense is borne by thepolicyholder insurance premium - quotesa payment made to an insurance company every period of time(monthly for example) obligatingthem to pay insurance

claims according to the terms of your policy.the premium is charged by a company for active coverage. the sum a person pays in premiums,is determined by several factors, collision coveragepays for any damage to your car resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object.for older cars, this coverage may not be worthwhile since it is usually limited to the cash valueof the covered vehicle. body injury liabilitythis type of coverage protects you if someone is injured or killed by your vehicle.provided that the dollar value of your coverage is large enough, this can fund your legaldefense and even pay for any legal judgments against you.

physical damage coveragealso known as comprehensive coverage or other-than-collision (otc), if your vehicle is damaged by somethingother than a collision, this will generally cover it. property damage liabilityquite simply, if your vehicle damages someone else's car or other property, this coveragewill pay for the damages. some insurance companies offer a version of this coverage that includes protection from legal claims filedas a result of damage to someone's property. medical payment or personal injury coveragethese cover injuries to the driver and passengers in your vehicle. it may cover injuries topedestrians as well, depending

on the policy. uninsured motorist coveragethis comes in two forms: bodily injury, which covers an insured driver and their passengersin the event that they are injured by an uninsured driver and property which covers damage toyour vehicle caused by an uninsured motorist. no-fault insurancein no-fault states, if one gets in an accident involving another driver, your insurance claimis paid by your own insurance company, rather than the other driver's insurance company. gap insurancewhen you drive a new car off the lot, it immediately loses a sizable percentage of its value. ifgets completely in a

crash, you take the responsability.gap insurance pays the difference between what a driver owes and what they are paidif the vehicle is totaled. why car insurancewhy car insurance is important why car insurance is necessarywhy car insurance is so expensive in uk auto insurance quotesauto insurance companies auto insurance americaauto insurance florida used cars insuranceused cars for sale used cars niused cars uk what is comprehensive car insurancewhat is the cheapest car insurance

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