cure for pe

cure for pe

welcome to health care at home one of viewer has wrote us, that he is suffering from hernia and want us to an episode on hernia or tell him any home remedy for the hernia see, first of all we need to know that why hernia occurs major reasons of hernia are like,carrying weight is the reason for hernia and obesity, like if you are very the problem of being obese then you get affected from hernia apart from hat if you have any lung disease or having a cough from the long time then you get affected form hernia apart form that family history is also noted that if any one in family is suffering then other can also be affected most common hernia umbilical hernia which is seen in navel

that is one of the common hernia is seen but for one thing you have to be careful that if you are getting pain hernia then you do not have to rely upon home remedies only, you have to consult to you doctor and if he prescribe you to get the surgery done then you should go for the surgery but if the hernia is not giving you pain then you can go ahead for the home remedies and you will get good results, what you have to do take some precautions you bed, you have to raise you bed from t he portion where you lay down your head elevate your bed so that there would be no pressure on your stomach apart from that do light exercise and do brisk walk

do not do vigorous or heavy exercise that may pressurize your stomach and can effect on hernia apart from that never do not pad and that also any type of hot pad on you hernia you can use cool pad, take ice cool water and dip a towel into that water and where the hernia is swelled dab it there and you will notice that you are getting relief in hernia and that slow pain which you were having, you are getting relief in that also now the turn of home remedy, what you have to to in home remedy, just after you meal take a piece of liqorice, chew it nicely and that saliva is generating while chewing that you have to swallow and you will notice that you will get relief in hernia apart from that there is one more remedy, take one spoon of ginger juice

and you have to add one spoon of honey into it mix both of them and after mixing both of them consume this after eating your food you will notice that you will get relief in hernia apart you do not have to eat lot of food at the one point of time you have to take small meal after every two hours take a hand full of meal and eat it after every two hours and take care of one thing, your last meal should be done before you go to sleep , 2 hours before you sleep apart from that people who sleep immediately after eating their food, that should not be done you do not have to sleep after eating your food, you have to sit or brisk walk after eating your food

slowly slowly not a vigorous walk, but a slow walk along with that thrice a time in a day before eating your meal you must use 30 ml of aloevea juice daily one more remedy let me tell you, camomile flower this camomile flower should be boiled very well with the one glass of water after boiling this, strain this and once it is lukewarm then consume this water before going to sleep you will notice that you will get very much relief in hernia so, isn't it all the remedies were very easy? rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us.

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