how to root android

how to root android

hey guys its me rahul and this is the firstepisode of a new series that i am starting on my is called android tips.sowhat i am going to do on this series is pretty simple .on each episode i will show youguys how to do tweaks , hacks and much more on your android phone. in each video or episodethere will be at least two how tos. the how tos gonna be pretty quick i will just getstraight to the point without any unwanted explanations. i started this series becauserecently i have been getting a lot of questions regarding android. in this episode i willanswer two questions. first question is how to root and 2nd one is how to remove bloatware.there will be time-stamps in the descriptions so if you guys want to quickly jump to anyparticular part of the video you can use that.

how to root.there are a hundred ways to root android phones, but not all of them works for you devicebut there is a common procedure or method that works on most of the devices.before youroot your device, i highly recommend you to backup all your data like contacts,documents.the first thing that you need to do is check whether your device’s boot-loader is lockedor not. if it is locked you need to unlock it, you can find instructions on how to doit by simply doing a search like this one. if there is a link from xda open it and followthe instructions and after that ,you need to download and flash a custom recovery toyour device, the commonly used custom recoveries are clockworkmod, twrp. there are many waysto install custom recovery it varies with

the device. the most common methods are flashingrecovery with a flash tool like sp flash tools or odin and scatter file and the other oneis by using android adb. after you flashed custom recovery , download and copy the supersufile, you can easily find compatible supersu file on the internet., then open the recoveryand install the supersu file . and now your device will be successfully rooted.if anythingbad happens like bootloop or something similar to that just download and flash the stockrom and repeat this process again if you want to root. like i said this is not a tutorialon the ultimate way to root your device.i’m just explaining the common methods, becausethis might help you. the ultimate method is ofcourse just google like this and open thexda forum link and follow the

can also use apps like framaroot and kingrootto root your device, but i wouldn’t really recommend doing that because of several reasons.but if you can’t follow these instructions just use those apps, so that sums up the firsthow to. now we are moving to the 2nd one. how to remove bloatwares, if you don’t knowwhat a bloatware is , it is those unwanted applications included on a mobile device bythe manufacturer or carrier. it is actually very easy to remove, the requirements areyou need root access and a root app uninstaller, the app that i recommend is system app remover,justopen the app select the apps that you want to remove tap on uninstall,if you can’tfind the app in this list just swipe from the left and select user app. so that’sit for this episode of android tips , i really

want to make more videos likes this, becausei think it will help a lot of people. that’s been it guys hope you guys enjoyed this video,if you did then definitely give a big thumbs up and i will see you guys soon.goodbye.