last longer in bed

last longer in bed

you are about to discover how to last longer in bed and to give any woman the intense orgasms that she fantasizes about. for men, everything before putting your penis inside her, are simply hurdles to jump before we get to have sex. flowers, movies, dinner, kissing, are all seen as separate to sex. for women on the other hand, all events are part of sex. it's all one continual event, especially foreplay. so, if you have foreplay for 45 minutes and you last only four minutes while you're inside her, in her mind, she just had sex for 49 minutes.

so, even if you don'tgive her a penetration orgasm or maybe only one penetration orgasm you can still give her an amazingly satisfying number or orgasms. the problem here for us guys is that we are so turned on that we can't wait to be inside her. we rush through kissing and foreplay like it's a race to the finish line. truth is, mastering foreplay and making her orgasm intensely during foreplay is far more important to her than how long you last when you're inside her. it will lead her to a magical level of sexual satisfaction if you can master the techniques. once you master the tricks to make her experience explosive orgasms, you never have to worry about cumming too quickly ever again. why?

whenever you feel close to shooting your load, simply pull out and start with none intercourse sexual techniques that will have her screaming out of control with sexual pleasure. this technique does all the right things, because she knows you are about to give her another orgasm. so, she can't wait. the thought of you penetrating again after orgasm, just drives her wild with anticipation. you'll learn when you’re going to cum so you can withdraw before you cum and last as long as you want. and what's happening when you do this is that you are training yourself to stay hard but not to ejaculate,

[00:02:01.29]which helps you last longer in the future when you're inside her. how else can you last longer in bed? thrust in a grinding style like she does when she's on top of you. not a sharp in and out motion. ]the lack of direct stimulation on the head of your penis will delay your orgasm, giving her more chance to orgasm while you're inside her. you could also change positions more often to give yourself a break. but the secret to delaying your orgasm like this is to change the angle of the penetration. make your penis hit inside of her on a different angle.

the part of your penis that was being stimulated is no longer being stimulated in the follow up position. if you stay with the same position and same angle you'll find that in a few minutes, it becomes too hard to control your orgasm and you'll blow your load before you want to. this can be both frustrating and embarrassing. so, by just leaning back a little bit in the same position or pressing sideways inside her as you thrust, you feel something a little bit different, and it becomes less intense allowing you to control when you cum. the final tip for lasting longer is learning the angles and positions

that make your penis press against her most sensitive area in her vagina such as her gspot. you will make her orgasm more easily without thrusting in a way that will make you lose control of your own orgasm. click the "3 orgasm positions to try tonight" bubble below for the free presentation.