learn smoke tricks

learn smoke tricks

the way that it is a while mama crackevery now n smile on the floor don't thinking damn this shit getz oh what's up guys so this video is going tobe kind of like a part two to my hottest look with anxiety this video is basically just going togive you guys some more basic tips as you continue to smoke weed in your livesor if this is your first time this is the perfect video for youtube one of my main tips wish to know whatyou're smoking but i mean obviously not everybody in the world is going to knowexactly what they have one of like the

easiest things you can do is ask theperson that you're getting it from a lot of the times they actually know at leastwhether it's indica or sativa i know a lot of times they just assumenot like people don't really care about that stuff especially if you're buyingillegally even if they give you like a bullshitanswer like that we still know based on the effects if what they're telling meis true or not always corner your goals if you don't know what coring your bowlis that's when you just like um like thecorner of it instead of like blazing the entire thing

so you're going to enjoy your bowl a lotmore if you're smoking by yourself and if you select with other people they'regoing to appreciate you saving them some of the green stuff to it so another big thing for beginners isjust like figuring out how he want to consumer canada's it's pretty well knownthat a lot of people have their first time that the pipes like this but thisisn't your only option their joints blunts bongs butler'sbigger pipes vaporizers edibles like the list goes on for a really really longtime personally i prefer bong just because ilike the water filtration and i can take

much bigger hits and um smoking upsomething like this or like a regular pipe the biggest piece of advice i cansort of give you guys is to know what to expect after you smoke you can likeexpect to i feel like your heart rate go up youcan expect to maybe feel a little bit paranoid a little bit anxious because itis you know your first time trying something new once you get past that andespecially as you're coming down that's what i find it to be morerelaxing and really just reflect on my whole experience take it slow don't try to keep up withpeople have been smoking for years or

people just other people because otherpeople have like different tolerance levels so um it might be super greatthat you get something from like a few hits but um just don't overdo it i've also noticed that like grinding wecan also be a challenge for new smokers i love grinders but i don't really usethem a lot right now because it's i don't really find it necessary you don't need to go by like the mostexpensive grinder on the market just because it's being advertised aslike the best things like grind after we'd like say be the most we like catchthe most key

i just use my hands to grind it upreally fine and i spoke it i know for a fact if you go into like asmoke shop especially in like texts like not we will say they're going to try tosell you like so much shit like so much like random shit that you really don'tneed so um you don't need a grinder it's not something that it's absolutelynecessary another mistake i see a lot of newpeople like a lot of new smokers making is they hold their smoke for like areally long time and you really don't need to do that i don't hold in my smoke i don'tencourage people to do that

i think that these are all the tips ihave for you guys today that's it for this video guys don'tforget to hit the thumbs-up button & subscribe because i'm making videosevery single day for the rest of june so stay tuned for that stay educated stay medicated and i willsee you guys tomorrow by this is like one of the bad things host jimmy clicking lighting dude okay um so all right do that is knife here as asmall was like fine so i'm gonna try to i cut this wholething with this name is like super super

soft like and i still wouldn't have itlike in the middle of like an anxiety attack or anything like that but this isreally awesome for shooting like the physical side effects from anxiety solike stomach pains like shakiness i'm not like really shaky as i was if you having date