note 3 root without pc

note 3 root without pc

hello friends welcome to gofferkart in this video i am going to guide you the steps how to root any android phone in 5 minutes just i would like to inform you currently i am using lenovo 6000 plus with lollipop android version and i would like to tell you that i only know how much i wastage my time in trying many trick which is available on google i think no one get this much difficulty in find the ways to root the phone i already tried all methods which is currently available

using boot loader , kingo root and even i tried with king root but its not working for me and not even to root my phone so just i woke up in this early morning just i read somewhere in my phone how to root android phone so just for try whether it is working or not

if it is working then it is absolutely fine just i give a try and you not believed that my phone is rooted after completing the steps for root just i check using app by which you can check whether your phone is rooted or not you can check the status verify root status just click on that so you can see here i am getting

congratulations root access is properly installed on this device when i read this message you can't believe , how much happy i am after root your phone you get positive and negative point 1st negative point is if your phone is under warranty then automatically no longer valid to claim warranty if your phone under warranty now i guide you the steps how i rooted my phone and you can also i try

if my phone get rooted you can also believe that your phone also get rooted not checkout the steps 1st you have to install the app called kingroot just i give the link to download the app in the description box just see the link just check in description box now you have to open the app after installation just after root my phone i make the video it mainly

because i didn't believe that i can boot my phone if i know if this step is working so i can make the video at that time i have only one phone so after i rooted my phone then i make the video now see the steps the ui is like this the name of app is kingroot now i would like to tell you when you are rooting your phone you get some message like the app is not safe

just ignore the message, because it is working fine for me the app is not harmful after opening of app after this you get that your phone is not root access just below that just you get the option of root this phone with blue color tab

tab with root this phone after clicking on that it will take around 2 3 minute time to get rooted just keep the phone for 3 4 minute after successful completion of root automatically the app get closed after closing of app you get additional app called purify this is just a tool for cleaning and security app

after successful completion of all steps you can check your status whether your phone is rooted or not just search in google play root checker i already installed the app so i just opening the app just i already informed you after completion of all the procedure i have check whether my phone is rooted or not just you also get the same status after following the steps

sorry for i didn't instant video at the time of root my phone i really dont know that i can root my phone now just tell you the positive and negative thing of rooting the device the major negative part is if your phone is under warranty then forget about claim any thing under warranty positive thing is you can access your phone as your need you can change the property of your phone

that is the positive and negative thing thank you for watching the video dont forget to subscribe my channel so we get the support :) please subscribe the video