root smartphone

root smartphone

hey guys! its me masroor here from maaztech. today i am gonna show you how to block devicesfrom connecting to your wifi connection through your smartphone. now i already made a similar video beforewhere i showed how to block through a computer rather than a smartphone. so make sure you go watch that video as well,to get a better understanding of both smartphones and computer. so before we get started with tutorial, youneed to know certain things like your router's

username and password and also your defaultgateway ip address. with that being said lets get started. so the first thing you need to do before westart blocking people. go to this app called fing. and i have given the download link for thesame in the description below so you can go ahead and download from there. and so what this app does is, it basicallyscans my network to find all the user connected to it. so in case i find a user which is not authorized,i can go ahead and block him.

so what i am gonna do is, i am just gonnapress this refresh button right here. it will scan my network to find all the usersconnected to it. as you can see over here this is my phone,which is connected to it. and the other two devices which are connected. and this is right here is my router. now it has finished scanning my network andit has found one, two, three devices connected so let me just suppose that these two appledevices right here are unauthorized and i don't know them and they are intruders intomy network. and i wanna go ahead and block them.

so what i am gonna do is, i am gonna go tomy device and i am gonna go ahead and copy my mac address. now mac address as i told you in my previousvideo, it is a unique address of the network adapter of a wifi enabled device. so i am just gonna go ahead and copy thatand i am gonna go back right now. and then i am gonna go to internet, internetbrowser. and then i am gonna go ahead and type my ipaddress. go can go ahead and find yours in descriptionbelow. mine is so i am gonna go aheadand press enter.

after that you are gonna be seeing this screen,where i'll be asking user name and password. and as i told you before you can find yourdefault username and password in the description below. unless obviously you have changed it. and so the password of this is 1,2,3,4, whichis the default username and password of digisol. so i am gonna go ahead and press login. and the after that i am gonna go ahead andgo to wireless. and from wireless now to wireless advanced. and then acl setup.

and now i am gonna go ahead and enable wirelessaccess control mode. and then i am gonna paste my ip address, mymac address sorry, over here. now see, as you can see, it doesn't acceptthis format. it doesn't want colons, so what i am gonnado is, i am gonna go here paste it over here. and get rid of all the colons, then pasteit back in. i am gonna go ahead and copy this. now i am gonna go over there and paste. ok so i am gonna add this device right now. after that you gonna go ahead and press applyover here, and then you gonna select it.

and then your gonna press apply. so after i press apply, all the devices otherwise connected to it will get disconnected and only my device will be connected to theinternet. now in certain routers you have an optionto allow or deny, where in case of allow all the mac addresses give in the list will beallowed to connect to it. like in this case i can go ahead and entermore mac addresses and allow more devices to connect to it. now i am gonna go back and go to the sameapp and find whether the devices which were previously connected are any longer connected.

now i am gonna go ahead and refresh the pageand see if the devices are still there. all these other devices are not connectedright now except for mine. now that the scan is over, as you can seeover here, all the devices which were previously connected have been disconnected except formine. and so that's how you do it, if you want routerto connect more devices to it you can just go ahead and enter more mac addresses in thelist as shown before. so that's how you do it, if this video washelpful for you, please do like and subscribe to my channel. if you have any queries you can drop a commentbelow and that's how you do it.

so thanks for watching and keep watching myvideos.