vape os

vape os

hello everyone! today cannabis consciente want to introduce the last release of flowermate vaporizer v 5.0 pro from smiss cigarette i want to thank smiss for sending the product for this review the firt impression is really great vaporizer case is anodized aluminum and it has a really good size and weight especially to transport and take with us everywhere in the box, we find the charger and user manual, cleaning tools and extra screens its size is very similar to a mobile phone

also has a non-combustion ceramic chamber and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece for a high quality vapor samsung batteries and full range temperature control (104âº-446âºf) excellent range to vaporize all kinds of medicinal herbs as i say before the fist impression is really greate i really like the vaporizer on the side there are 3 buttons the first is power button and the second two, are to controlling temperature also has a oled display showing the temperature and the state of battery charge

and prevent running out of battery unexpectedly to connect the charger the plug is on top the problem with this position is that it allows vaporize while the unit is charging but, with the screen is no problem see the battery state sliding the cover we findthe non-combustion chamber at the bottom is the mouthpiece storage compartment really good to easily transport the vaporizer now, power on for this we must press 5 times the power button

on the screen we see temperature increasing it only takes a few seconds to reach temperature we can increase or decrease the temperature by pressing + / - buttons it has a wide range of temperature to vaporize all kinds of medicinal herbs not only cannabis when the center figure flashes temperature has been reached and we can vaporize we can also change temperature from c⺠to f⺠pressing both + / - buttons simultaneously to turn it off, press the main button 5 times in succession if the device remains on for more than six minutes oled display goes off to sleep mode. just press any button to restart it

saving battery now, how to use it it is best grind the weed i have a secret and i use a tube to avoid spilling herb, but you can just use your fingers or a folded paper open the chamber cover and load the herb if we want, we can leave the weed charged and transporting the vaporizer with us already loaded with the packing tool push the grass to the camera bottom get the mouthpiece and screw it over the camera

turn on the vaporizer and in a few seconds is ready to use the temperature is right, now we can taste vapor tastes really great high quality vapor you can distinguish different cannabis flavors and aromas perfectly and cannabis effect is almost immediate the ceramic chamber and borosilicate mouthpiece actually contribute to have a high quality vapor after usage you can clean it using the tools

store the mouthpiece and take it with you the dried herb that comes from the camera has a perfect color it indicates that cannabis is not burned and medicinal components were inhaled cleanly a really greate vaporizer i was surprised pleasantly best of all is its price. about 30% cheaper compared to the vaporizers with the same characteristics found in the market thanks for watching this review! visit us on

and order your vaporizer flowermate pro v5.0 in your favorite store until next time!