vape trick competition

vape trick competition

a phone that hey, what's good guys? keaton here. so i getsent a lot of crazy stuff. but this right here has got to be the craziest thing i'veever received. have you ever wanted to have vape and also use your phone at the same time?well now, that's possible. let's check it out. so this right here is the jupiter goes for 300 bucks, links below, and there's actually two models of this. one that has3g service and one that has 4g/lte service. the 4g/lte model goes for $500. i'm ballin'on a budget so we got the 3g one. we're taking a trip back to the past. so what you get insidethe box is the cover for when you don't want to vape. micro usb cable and a usb wall brick.other than that, you don't really know much else about the phone. to be honest, didn'treally know what i'd be expecting. but right

off the it feels super heavy. especially withthe vape module attached. it definitely has all your buttons. you got your volume up,volume down. you got the vape button and then you have your sleep/wake switch, you've gotyour micro usb port at the bottom. headphone jack. all that fun jazz. and then you gotthe screen. and to be honest with you guys i really wish i could tell you what the dimensionsof the screen are. not even their own website has this. the website has no specs on thisphone at all. and what's the most interesting to me is this phone is running android 4.4.2which came out in 2013. so to get your vapbro on you actually have to buy these $15 shuttles,as they call them. which attach onto the phone. you can see there's some openings right basically, you take the shuttle, which

is $15, sold separately. you don't even getone included in the box. and then you just, you click it in. and right here you can seethe amount of e juice, the flavor, i have defiant. because i'm defying my parents rulesand how they told me to stay away from things like these and, oh boy. so once you have thisinstalled you just take the tip and just slated on right here. and then you're pretty muchall set to go. you can start living that vapro lifestyle. and before i hit the vape i'm goingto show you that this phone actually does work. one of my buddies is going to go aheadand call me. the vape nation's calling me. give me a sec. joey oley, how you doing bud? - [voiceover] what up youtube, youtube, whatup? i'm not a vaper, so i don't really know

how much juice this is. all i know is thisis 14 mg nicotine content. whatever that means. oh, so let's go ahead and do this. to activatethe vape you hit this button right here and then blue leds are going to come on. and i'llshow you the rest. so, let's give this a shot. um, instant, all my god, i have a headachealready. sorry mom, i didn't listen to you on this one. i didn't stay away from thesekinds of things. and one thing that i found really interesting is they have an app forthe vape. it's pretty well done. the phone itself, we might not know how much resolutionthis camera is right here. we might not know what the resolution of the screen is, or thescreen size, or if it's ever going to see a modern version of android. but this appright here is pretty sick. so, we have home

right here, which tells us some fun stats.we've got the flavor, how much nicotine content, our plan in case you're trying to get offother alternatives, the amount of battery, the voltage, and you can actually controlthe wattage. like the phone part of this might actually suck but they got the vape part downright. not like i'd know. what's really interesting is it tells you how many times you hit thevape. so, i guess we'll do another one. peace, i'm done. oh wow. so in conclusion, this isan insane idea having a phone and vape. apple if you're listening maybe you could make abetter phone than the and this could be an avenue you could go down. but for 300 bucksthe phone i don't think is usable and i really wouldn't want to do it. the vape, i'm nota vaper, so, it works, if you vape, in the

comments let me know. so that's pretty muchit for this video. if you guys enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing me in pain drop a like.go ahead and hit subscribe if you haven't already and follow me on snapchat, and facebook.thanks again and i'll see you guys soon. peace. - cut the video dude. - is it this button? - yeah, it's this button. - because it always freaks out on me. watch.