vape tricks jellyfish tutorial

vape tricks jellyfish tutorial

hey whats up youtube we're about to bedoing a jellyfish vape trick tutorial i know there aren't a whole lot out thereand people are probably trying to learn how they've been starting to get biggerso i figured i might as well put something else since i've spentcountless hours perfecting it on my own and learning on my own since i never hada tutorial so this is for all you guys out there let's get started ok so when you're doing your jellyfishyou want to think of euro into different halves you have your top and the bottomhow and when you take your second drag on the vape after you and you're aboutto drop it in focus on dropping in on

the top half because i've noticed overtime it tends to rap better around the lower and slower and its gonna make thejellyfish look at i'm cooler and if you blow it and on the bottom half of thethan it typically will just break it up i don't know why the bottom half isweaker and doesn't wrap as well but that's just what i found out overexperience and i'm gonna save you some time from trial and error when you blowthe first oh you want to give it a pretty good cause so it should so hardand you want your hand to be right there already like this and then write as soonas you shoot it you have to press on it and basically expect that was going toform you have to rely on it and rely on

your ability to blow of that's why ithink it's really important to be able to blow a lot of hours before you startworking on jellyfishes i used to just want to be able to do it so bad that iwould start trying to do that way too early i could barely blows and i wasteda lot of time it's much easier to just learn all the basics and do itefficiently instead of just a bunch of trial and error just a couple things i really wanteverybody's time is when you're always moving and you've taken your second hadalready you're about to drop the vapor into that oh you have to be let me seeif i can figure this out so here's your

oh ok and its movie it's moving and youwant to be about this close and at the arc is right here here's the arc for the top of though youwant to be right beneath it with your face about this close and then justslowly exhale it in and trust me less vapor is more it will wrap on its ownyou will see it start to rub and that's when you need to stop blowing the vaporin and pull away you don't want to drop your whole hit and you just want to dropa little bit and so it begins to rub and keeps floating through the air and itwill jellyfish and look very cool now i understand a lot of people are in roomsor environments where there's air flow

it's going to be hard to make a notethat is just floating through the air for you as you take another hit whichcould take anywhere from three to five seconds depending on how powerful youbabe is so something that i have figured out i know other people have figuredthis out too i'm not the first one to do it but you blow your oh and as it'sgoing if it starts to break up just move your hand side to side like that andwhat that does is keeps almost all wall behind the whole thing that way it willkeep traveling without breaking up so that's something to think about that candefinitely help you learn a jellyfish better

i just wanna take a quick minute here tothank all of my youtube viewers so far and anyone who is subscribing to me juststarted my channel i just started putting videos out but me and my editorwas actually right here with me first time we're introduced to him this is weare going to be putting out quite a lot of videos over the next few months wehave a lot in store a lot already recorded that we're just editing rightnow getting ready to entertain you guys the fans so thanks for sticking with usand look forward to more