what is rooting android

what is rooting android

hello everybody we often purchase the mobiles that has less storage area but there are certain applications andprograms and applications and games that requires high storage area but we are unable to install them because the internal memory is less now, in this video, i am going to tellyou, how to install the apps, games directlyon sd card

by default without rooting. for this process, first of all in your computer you need to install thejava development kit, if it is not already installed let's see how to do that "google search" java jdk click on java se downloads, then youwill be redirected to the oracle java site

where you need to download the jdk file click on download then you will be redirected to these files accept the licence agreement and then download the files accordingly.if you have 64 bit windows, download this one and accordingly you download another files.

after downloading, execute the file and the latest version of java developmentkit will be installed in your computer the next step is you need toinstall the google's android sdk file in your computer this is how you have to do google search android sdk

then you will be redirected to the web page where you will be given the option todownload the sdk. download this.. particular file and execute it launch it in the directory c:\development\ the development folder in c:\ drive after installation launch the sdk manager

this is how you are going to launch the sdk manager, go to c:\ drive then development, then adt-bundle-windowsand then sdk manager then there are certain options available here you need to install the platformtools, the sdk platform tools this is not installed by default you have to, you have to check this particular sdk platform tools and install this package

after the installation of the package the following platform tools,the following tools are installed we'll be using "adb" utility in order to install the applications, todownload the applications by default on sd card the next step is to connect the android phone with the computer with the cable providedalong. make sure that you enable the usbdebugging on your android device this is how you will enable the debuggingmode. go to "applications"->then "settings" and

then "applications" then development and then check usb debugging.after this whole process is complete don't forget to uncheck this usb debugging and now, next step is to navigate to theinstallation platform tool folder and where you will be using the adb utility you'll find this folder at c:\ \development\ then \adt-bundle-windows\

and then \sdk then \platform-tools\ and this adb now, hold the "shift" button right-click and then click on "open command window here" you will be directly taken to thisparticular folder. here.. ..you need to execute some commands

now, these are the commands that you aregoing to execute. first of all, executive this followingcommand "adb devices"adb devices now it will show you the list of devicesattached this is the android mobile that you havealready attached then, next step is to give instruction to the "adb" to install all the applications or already installed applications to move

to the sd card now, run the following command adb shell pm setinstalllocation 2 this 2 denotes that you're going to, you are instructing theandroid mobile to install all the forthcoming applications or gamesdirectly to the sd card if you want to revert back, if you wantto undo the changes. you can again run the following command, the same command by replacing 2 with 0 (zero)

which will indicate, which will givethe instruction to the android mobile to install all the applications in the internal memory and now download the games from the google play and install it.you will be installing it in the external sd card thank you thank you once again for watching it.